The 7 Ups of Marketing

Who wouldn’t like to take their “Oops!” to UP with a little “WOW”?    I love to share my “7UPs of MARKETING” and give business owners and associates a refreshing look at basic ways to grow their business!


You’re in the right place if you’re here because you’re stuck with your marketing.  You’re in the right place if you’re here because your marketing has plateaued.  You’re in the right place if your marketing is thriving…because wherever you are, these marketing UPs will help you refocus and refine for refreshing results.


Hello, this is Dee Clubb and I run Omni Advertising! We work with owners of mid to large size companies that want to grow their businesses through TV, radio, print and web. At Omni Advertising, we put the “Oh, Wow!” in your message.


When I was 7 years old and we were running late to my ballet class. My mother pulled up to the door and said, “Scoot”.  I obediently hopped out of the car and ran in the door. Now I loved to dance. I was the kid that sprang around the kitchen, leaping here and there…for me it was liberating… probably because I was a seriously scrawny long drink of water, even at 7. In dance class I felt elegant and in control.  Only problem was I was a couple of minutes late, the door was closed, and the sign on the door said “Do Not Enter”.   I sat down on the bench outside, staring at the door…so timid that it didn’t occur to me that I could and should just walk in and enjoy my class.


That was a very long hour and while I didn’t think much about that experience for many years, when I started seriously working on growing my business, I realized that I could not simply sit there and let time pass… I had to stand UP and open the door for myself.


The lesson I learned years ago leads me to “Taking your “Oops!” to UP with a little Wow!”  Have you ever had an experience like mine?  Perhaps not as a child, but as an adult… in business?  Have you ever wished you had spoken up for yourself or your company but were petrified to open your mouth? Maybe you were just uncomfortable so you kept quiet and sat back while someone else took the credit…and the business. Oops!


Folks, I recommend you start with LOOK UP.  If you’ve been so busy working IN your business that you’re not working ON your business, you need to look up and take time to create your vision for the future. Those clichés are true…you can’t hit a target if you don’t have one. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you’ll hit it every time.


Have you created and actually written out your vision statement?  Do you have a 5 year plan?  Will your career path or company look the same next year?  Will you have grown by accident or on purpose?  Do you have an exit strategy?  If you are exchanging dollars for hours, have you considered developing a passive revenue stream to add to your net worth and build a retirement that is rich not only in money but also opportunity?   Think about what’s important to you and write it down.


A great way to solidify you Vision is to “map” the steps…here is a 3 step guideline from international business coach Allison Maslan.

First, create your “Big Picture Vision”.  Your BPV is wide-open thinking…your “if I wasn’t afraid of failure, I would…”  Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to be a partner in your law firm?  Do you want to double your income?  I hope you all love what you do but if not, do you want to take another career path? Think about all of the possibilities, narrow to your heart’s desire, and write it down.

Second, compile your “Mile Steps”. Ask yourself what steps you could take to grow your business or career.  Do you need to get a certification? Build a website?  Start networking…better yet, network smarter?  Do you need a business coach or an accountability team?  What steps are required to move you toward achieving your BPV?

Finally, break it down into “Mini Feats”.  Today I will research how to get certified in ____ and the cost.  By next week I will give myself a timeline to register.  I will schedule time for the classes and homework.  Is it time to develop your elevator speech? If so, make time to write (and rewrite) it, then practice-practice-practice until you are comfortable with it.  “Mini Feats” are like dominoes, start by knocking one down and just keep going.  How do you eat an elephant?  ONE BITE AT A TIME!


Whether you’re a business owner or on a career path, creating your vision statement will help you define your direction and identify your goals. Then flag your Outlook and review it annually. You’ll probably be delighted with your progress, and you will most certainly be in a better position to makes adjustments to help you reach your goals.


Next UP?  SHOW UP! When you attend networking events, show up with business cards prepared to share about your company or service.  How many times have you reached into your purse or pocket to find you’re out of business cards? That’s an “Oops” that’s such an easy fix…put a stash of cards in our car’s glove box, in your purse and in your coat pocket.

Do you have a simple, effective “elevator” speech?

I would be happy to work with you individually to work up your personal presentation which will include the 4 “W’s”…

WHO you are?

WHAT is your business?

WHO is your target audience? Who you want to work with?

WHAT is your promise? What is the dream…the outcome?

You want to use 5th grade language. Even if you’re dying to use the latest industry buzz phrases, just say NO.  The simpler, the better.


When you have an opportunity to speak with your client or prospect, show them that you respect them by showing up on time and prepared. You may not know their specific needs, but you do know about all of the services you offer and you should always be prepared to present and discuss how you might work with them.


That leads to Number 3…SHUT UP!  Have you ever met with someone and couldn’t get a word in edgewise?  Listening is a valuable skill…cultivate it.  I’d like to ask you to think about something?  In an exchange, are you listening to understand or to reply?

If listening for you is all about jumping back in so you can pitch them on what you want to sell…Oops!  If it’s not about understanding where their pain is and how you can actually help them…you are missing a huge opportunity.  People buy from people they know and trust.  Your competitors probably have many of the same options and tools you have. What they don’t have is your ability to build a unique relationship. Relationship grows into trust and trust grows into business.  And it all starts with listening to learn.


Number 4 is PAY UP!  Folks, you’ve gotta have a marketing budget. It’s important to realize that success and growth require an investment. Your marketing budget must be like any other operating expense…rent, electricity, phones, marketing.


There are necessary basic marketing processes like designing your branding. Then there are basic tools like business cards, stationary, brochures and/or postcards.

Today everyone needs a website, whether it is a commerce site or a confirmation website depends on your business.

Radio and television are excellent vehicles for reaching the masses when strategically written, produced and placed.

And social media can be very cost efficient if carefully integrated.


Large corporations may have restrictions and guidelines, but you can still actively market yourself. Often they will provide prepared pieces that confirm their corporate brand but allow you to imprint your name and contact info. While it’s harder to distinguish yourself from others within the same company, you can still be UP front with your target market.


Whether you’re working on growing your business or building your personal brand, you are worth the investment so, everyone, PAY UP.


On to number 5, PUT UP!  Folks, deliver what you promise. It’s always better to under promise and over-deliver. This is the time to put WOW in your work. I can’t tell you how to do your job…you are the expert in that.  But I can tell you that this is the time to shine. No one knows your product or service like you do.  Flip side, folks… “you only sell a bad product once.”  If you set an expectation for your client or customer and don’t deliver, you break trust.  If, on the other hand, you deliver more than you promise, you build trust and create a desire to continue relationship.

Here’s an example of putting up with WOW… and it was a magical customer experience as shared by Sally Hogshead.

An associate’s daughter was scheduled for minor surgery. Everything turned out just fine, but ahead of time the young girl was a little nervous. Specifically, she was concerned about being rolled away from her mom into the operating room.  Enter…The Bubble Parade!

As a parent, her friend felt gratitude for this small but meaningful touch. To ease her daughter’s fears, the pediatric nurses created a “bubble parade” by blowing little soap bubbles from a wand as she went into the O.R. Immediately, the girl smiled and forgot to be afraid.

Sally recounted how awesome this was: The mom had just witnessed her daughter’s customer experience switch from anxiety to anticipation in less than 10 seconds.

This interaction was:

Simple to execute

Immediately beneficial

Virtually free


Rewarding for both the customer and the employee

This was a perfect confirmation of the power of fascinating customer experiences to build connection and loyalty, often with little time or expense. The hospital was no longer a commodity– it was a hero. WOW!


Who’s ready for #6…SPEAK UP!  You should be your own best PR person! Be prepared at all times to promote your business and tell people what’s exceptional about it.  If you do not speak enthusiastically and intelligently about your product or service, who will?


Now it is said that most people would rather die than stand up and speak in front of a crowd.  While I understand this, I encourage you to work on speaking engagements. Nothing says “I am the authority” more than speaking on a topic. I would be happy to give you an outline to follow to help you develop your topic. Then just do it!


Many in the sales arena know of Tom Hopkins. I can remember going through a sales training with him when I first got in the business. I wasn’t in sales, but my boss thought it would be good for me…and it was.  Tom tells the story of his first speaking engagement. He was booked at a national meeting. He had a proven record of exceptional sales and had developed some great techniques so sharing those was way to help others and improve his standing. He had 45 minutes on the program. And as he tells the story, he got up a little nervous, started his speech, and sat down 7 minutes later having given all 45 minutes worth of information. Heaven help you if you were trying to take notes!  Everyone is nervous at first…a winner is someone who falls down 7 times, and gets up 8.


And finally STAND UP!  I encourage you to choose to be ethical both personally and professionally.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than being caught in a lie…even a little one. If something goes wrong, accept responsibility for it and then do everything you can to make it right.  A recent quote said, “Failure is not an option…it’s a stepping stone.”  Do the right thing especially after a problem or disaster…chances are your client will understand.  After all, they’re human, too.  And, as I’ve said before, people do business with people they know and trust.


So are you UP for the challenge? Don’t sit there like that sweet kid desperately wanting to stand up and walk through door.  If you put these marketing UPs into practice you will refocus and refine… and definitely UP your results! It’s all UP to you!